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Parts for Thorens turntables

Thorens TD-124, TD-135 et al silicone rubber mushrooms.

Thorens TD-124, TD-135 et al black silicone rubber mushrooms.

Thorens TD-124, TD-135 et al clear silicone rubber mushrooms.

Due to the original's hollow shape they use to both harden and sag with age. These new ones, being made in solid silicone, combine a better damping with a longer expected life.

Available in transparent or black, only differing in a drop of added pigment in the black ones.

On a high mass plinth, the obvious solution is to not use any mushrooms between the chassis and the plinth - provided the plinth has the necessary damping feet - since the entire point of such a design is to reduce the mechanical impedance between the chassis and plinth. These parts are intended for the traditional lightweight cabinets, where they improve the damping of floor vibrations into the chassis, and absorb a bit of the motor vibrations.

Optional: The mushrooms are also available at the same price in a softer quality of silicone than the type normally provided. This may be an advantage e. g. for providing an extra damping of vibrations from the floor. Please add a note in your order e-mail if you do want these softer ones.

Price: 280 Sek / set for any color or hardness.

If the fashionistas amongst you want some other color that can also be arranged on special request.

Thorens TD-145 - TD-166 Silicone suspension grommets

Thorens TD-145 - TD-166 Silicone suspension grommets

(Rubber bushings, gummilager) for the springs in the suspended inner chassis in all models developed from the TD-150: TD-145, TD-146, TD-147, TD-150, TD-160, TD-165, TD-166.

Replacement for the original p/n 6 867 002 and 6 800 568.

According to mechanical impedance theory, a spring has most of its effect on the lowest frequencies, while a viscous damper has more of an even effect over the entire frequency range. (Silicone dampers are closer to, but not equal to viscous dampers).

In the original Thorens suspension design, the springs do the main part of the isolation, by taking care of the lower range of noise from the motor, floor, and air. The rubber grommets at top and bottom of the isolators provide an additional reduction of of the lower frequencies, but their main function is in damping the higher frequency noise, where the springs have less effect.

So, while the springs do take care of the main rumble and environmental noise, hardened suspension grommets can cause more of audible higher frequency rumble, as described at the motor mount page.

Important: At least some mkII and later models, those with carbone fibre tone arms, came with the same grommets as TD-125 and TD-126, as below. E.g. the TD-160 Super, and some(?) TD-166 mkII. This older type of grommet will not fit in those.

Please have a look inside your turntable before ordering! I'd be very happy for any info on which versions this applies to - it doesn't seem to be covered in the service manuals.

The suspension springs have a foam damper inside. That foam should be replaced while you ar at it. The same polyester foam as we offer for other chassis springs can be cut into a good-enough fit for the job: About foam inserts in chassis springs

Price: 280 Sek / set.

Thorens TD-125, TD-126. Silicone suspension grommets

Thorens TD-125, TD-126. Silicone suspension grommets

Replacement for the original p/n S-800-567 / 6867002 for the top part, S-800-568 / 6800568 for the bottom one.

See also the description of the function of these parts above.

The topmost grommet in these models has a different shape than the ones for the older TD-150 siblings above. Later models of them may require this version instead. Please check your turntable before ordering.

Price: 280 Sek / set

Thorens TD-124 mkI, TD-135 et al silicone rubber motor mounts

Thorens TD-124 mkI, TD-135 et al silicone rubber motor mounts

These give a much improved damping of the motor noise compared to old original or new rubber parts.

Price: 165 Sek / 3 pcs.

Thorens TD-124 mkII silicone rubber motor mounts

Thorens TD-124 mkII silicone rubber motor mounts

Price: 330 Sek / 6 pcs.

Special set of Thorens TD-124 mkII silicone rubber motor mounts

Special set of Thorens TD-124 mkII silicone rubber motor mounts

A special set of 6 grommets for a improved damping of the motor vibrations from the mkII version of the TD-124.

The topmost parts are the same as our standard ones, the bottom ones are cast in a softer quality. This combination reduces the vibrations from the motor into the top plate with an additional 3-5 dB compared to the standard kit, trading a bit of sideways stability in order to improve the damping.

They must be mounted in the correct positions, since the softer ones would be deformed by the weight of the motor if placed on top.

The scrupulous thorensist does buy these together with an additional set of 3 standard grommets, to try out the ideal balance between vibration damping, sideways stability of the motor mount, and compensation for the drag on the motor spindle from the belt on the specic machine at hand.

Price: 330 Sek.

Thorens td-124 mkI and td-135 mkI / BTD 12s arms: polyurethane rubber decoupler bushings

Thorens td-124 mkI and td-135 / BTD 12s /P-14, TP-25 arms Polyurethane rubber decoupler bushings

Replaces the rubber part in the original replacement part TPE 122. (Gummientkopplung) for the original Thorens tonearms, with a round hole inside. Make sure you order the correct damper!

A sagging counterweight end of these Thorens arms is not only a cosmetic problem. Instead, it is a sure sign of clearly audible loss of damping of the arm, losing out on transients, dynamics and timing from an arm that really can be much better than often thought.

I'd be glad to be corrected if I'm wrong, but I think the EMT versions of these arms used PU dampers too, instead of the rubber in the Thorens branded ones.

Please note that replacing the damper requires dismounting the bearing housing of the arm, and a subsequent readjustment of the vertical bearings. I'd recommend to also clean the bearings and polishing the bearing cones while you are at it. And of course, never any oil in tonearm bearings after cleaning.

Price: 280 Sek.

Decoupler bushings for Thorens td-124 mkII and td-135 mkII, TD-125 mkI / and P-14, TP-25 arms

Square hole inside - these will not fit on the mkI version of the arm. Make sure you order the correct damper!

See description under the the mkI arms above.

Price: 280 Sek.

One of these grommets on a restored arm.

Dustcap for Thorens TP 11 and TP 16 tonearms

Dustcap for Thorens TP 11 and TP 16 tonearms

A dustcap for the top bearing housing on vintage Thorens turntables, including TD-125, TD-145, TD-160, TD-165 and TD-166, and the first generation of TD-316 and TD-318

Price: 110 Sek.

A footnote on foam dampers in suspension springs

The quality of this foam is not critical - its purpose is to damp resonances in the springs themselves, and to add a slight damping of wobble in the top plate, which all toghether improves damping of external vibrations.

The original foam is now 50-60 years old, dried out, and should be replaced. You really should have a piece of foam in the springs, but you can use pretty much any plastic/rubbber foam for this as long it still is a bit springy. You won't hear any difference between a corner of your old mattress and a magical audiophile damping foam.

If you don't have anything suitable at hand, we can add a piece of the foam we use when restoring decks with this kind of springs to your motor mount order. What you'll get is a slice of gray polyester foam of the same type as often used in tool boxes or cases for photographic equipment, ca 2.5 x 2.5 x 15 cm. This can be cut down with scissors to a good enough fit.

If you need this, just add a line to your order mail, and 5 SEK to the sum of your order.


Most of the parts we sell can be bought through Tradera, a Swedish auction site. Unfortunately, Tradera can be pretty hostile against buyers outside EU, and not always very helpful for those inside too. We've heard some nasty stuff about requirements for copies of passports. Also, since 2024 Tradera adds a "buyer protection fee" to all non-swedish orders, which we of course do not.

All parts we sell can be ordered directly by contact via e-mail:

We ship worldwide, and accept payment through PayPal or bank transfer. Customers in Sweden can also pay by Swish or Plusgiro.

Shipping fees are of course dependent on the weight of the parts, and on the receiving country. Typically, the fee for sets of motor mounts within EU, USA, Australia, and many other regions is 36 SEK for a plain letter, or 114 SEK for a trackable one. (Within Sweden, 18 SEK or 58 SEK). The fee for other regions may be higher. Likewise for heavier parts, like sets of Sonab feet or Braun dampers.

Since the parts are hand made in very small batches, we don't have the margins to offer any notable discounts for larger orders, or to resellers. The best we can do is to not increase the postage fee for orders with multiple sets of parts, and for business buyers within EU we can arrange the usual VAT deduction. If this applies to your order, please add the correct name and the VAT identification number of your business to the e-mail with your request.

Normally all parts listed are in stock. Any parts that may have been recently sold out can be made in one day or two.