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Feet for Sonab loudspeakers

Feet for Sonab loudspeakers

Replacement polyurethane feet for vintage Sonab OA-12 and OA-14 loudspeakers. Hand cast replicas of the original parts in form, dimensions and stiffness of the rubber, but made in a more durable material.

The original feet on these classic Sonab speakers are often broken or missing, due to their rubber shrinking with age. Sooner or later this makes them split over the plug at the bottom of the speaker they are mounted on. This also makes them difficult or impossible to repair in a tidy manner. In the photo below the left foot is one of my new ones, the right one a typical broken original.

Feet for Sonab loudspeakers. Left a new replacement, Right a broken original.

As on the originals, these feet are made in two parts. The top part is a foot in polyurethane rubber, and the bottom "sole" is made in a harder quality PU.

Optional: When ordering a complete set with eight feet, you can get them with slightly softer soles instead of the original hardness. This can be an advantage on hard floor materials. Add a note to your order e-mail if you prefer the softer ones.


750 Sek / 8 pcs

440 Sek / 4 pcs

140 Sek / 1 pc

Of course you can order the precise number of feet you need.


Most of the parts we sell can be bought through Tradera, a Swedish auction site. Unfortunately, Tradera can be pretty hostile against buyers outside EU, and not always very helpful for those inside too. We've heard some nasty stuff about requirements for copies of passports. Also, since 2024 Tradera adds a "buyer protection fee" to all non-swedish orders, which we of course do not.

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Since the parts are hand made in very small batches, we don't have the margins to offer any notable discounts for larger orders, or to resellers. The best we can do is to not increase the postage fee for orders with multiple sets of parts, and for business buyers within EU we can arrange the usual VAT deduction. If this applies to your order, please add the correct name and the VAT identification number of your business to the e-mail with your request.

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