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Parts for Lenco idler drive turntables

Idler arm grommets

Price: 60 Sek / piece + postage.

Hand cast replacement parts in silicone rubber for the grommet holding the idler arm. Drop shaped, filling out the corner of the arm loop for increased stability compared to the original part. Developed with help from other members at Lenco Heaven.

The new silicone grommet in its natural habitat:

The grommets, as they looked still in pre-production. The ones sold now are a bit neater than these, but since they are hand cast in a rather tricky quality of silicone, they will never receive any beauty awards:


The idler arm grommet is the one vital Lenco part that has been most difficult to replace. The only good current alternative is a kit from Audio Creative combining a new rubber grommet and a new metal bushing, which may be a bit of overkill if one only needs to replace the rubber part. Most have had to do with the less satisfactory method of rotating the old grommet a half a turn in the loop of the arm.

The function of the grommet is to provide a stiff but springy mount for the idler arm, keeping it firmly in place and damping vibrations, while allowing for the movement of idler arm required for engaging with the motor and platter at startup.

Typical symptoms of a bad grommet are startup problems, inconsistent speed after startup, or an idler arm drooping downwards and/or sideways with the machine in its "on" position without the platter. If your Lenco doesn't have these symptoms you probably don't need to replace your grommet.

As an aside: if you don't trust the newfangled shape of these, the top plate dampers for the L75 as shown below can also be used for the idler arm. But I would still recommend these drop shaped ones, since they provide a firmer grip on the idler arm.

Mounting instructions


Silicone rubber dampers between the top plate and the cabinet for most Lenco idler models

Price: 165 Sek / per set of 4 + postage.

The same postage for any reasonable number or mix of parts.

Most idler Lencos apart from the L78 came with one of two different damping designs between the top plate and the cabinet. The older type, common with L70, GL75 and older L75, and probably all of the models with integrated turntables and amplifiers had a floating design with longish rubber dampers (rubber bush), held in place and adjusted with a spring and nut below the cabinet top.

A later type omitted the float, instead having the top plate firmly screwed into the cabinet, and shorter rubber grommets pressed between the parts for additional vibration damping of the top plate. Instead the damping was done with springs at the bottom end of the cabinet:

Today these parts are always hardened and compressed more or less out of shape - the older ones are now often misnomed "lenco mushrooms" because of their current shape.

These new parts are cast in silicone rubber, which should be more long lived and keep its shape better than the rubbers of the originals, restoring the intended vibration damping. Of course, they can't be compared to a high mass plinth, but for those using the original cabinet (I really can't force myself to call it a plinth...), they at least bring back what was the original design.

The older type, with the longer black grommets are cast in the same dimensions as the originals. Original p/n 070'0015.

This image from a service manual shows how they are mounted:

Since the mounting points for these dampers aren't balanced for the actual weight of the top plate, the nuts and springs below the top of the cabinet must be adjusted to set the top plate into the correct horizontal position.

On some decks we've met, the screws do not have any way of adjustment by nuts as shown in the picture above, but must be always bottomed out. On those, the only way to achieve further adjustments is to add spacers (of your own) to the corners that may be too low.

The top plate doesn't rest on the springs as on most suspended designs. The springs only provide an addtional part of the adjustment and isolation mainly done by the rubber grommet.

The lower later type grommets have the same outer shape as the original idler arm grommet, but with a 4 mm hole instead of the 5 mm in the idler part. This means they can be used on the idler arm too - the silicone is pliable enough for the idler arm grommet, and they certainly would be an improvement from old misshaped parts. But I would still recommend instead using the drop shaped idler grommet, for its stiffer silicone and the better damping its shape provides.

Decor fillers for the top plate on modified L75

Price: 165 Sek / per set of 2 + postage.

Black polyurethane decor fittings for filling in the cutouts in the top plate of an L75 when used without the original arm, or when skipping some of the fittings. Topside pattern is a cast copy from a walnut veneer, looking quite nice at least at a casual glance.

Intended to be glued in place against the top plate, e.g. with a contact glue (not included). Two parts, filling the pairs of cutouts front and back. Easy to cut or saw apart, if only one of the holes needs a filling.

This is our second version of these parts, better adapted to variations in the placement of the cutouts between different vintages of L75s.

These parts will not fit other Lenco models. We may perhaps add sets for those later, if anybody shows interest in them.


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